Essence Coffee to Glow collection

I purchase a lot of Essence limited edition collections, and back in autumn 2021 I purchased almost the whole (if not the whole) Coffee to Glow collection. The collection consists of both skin care and make-up. The skin care includes the Under-Eye Energy Treatment (01 Expresso Yourself!), the Coffee lip scrub (01 Where Have You Bean All My Life?), and the Healthy Glow face scrub (01 Never Stop Grinding!). The Body & Mind Wake Up mist (01 Give It Your Best Shot!) would probably be considered skin care as well. Make-up wise the collection included highlighter beans (01 Meant To Bean Together!) and and eyeshadow palette (01 Up For Coffee?). Lastly, the collection also included a scented highlighter brush (01 Hello Brew-Tiful!). Pretty much everything smells like coffee.

Here’s a closer look at the face scrub and the lip scrub. I haven’t used the face scrub yet, but I’ve used the lip scrub quite a bit. It’s not my absolute favourite lip scrub, but the stick form is very convenient.

The highlighter beans I’ve actually already gotten rid off, because they were too dark on me and a lot of them broke as well. But they were super cute.

Here’s what the eyeshadow palette looks like. It’s a very simple neutral palette heavily influenced by Huda Beauty. The quality is quite nice though (I wore it here).

And this is the scented highlighter brush. A bit gimmicky, but I do usually like Essence brushes, so I don’t mind.

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