MAC haul – Botanic Panic + summer sale

I have a MAC haul to share with you today. This haul consists of a couple of products from the 2021 summer collection, Botanic Panic, and some summer sale items.

Let’s start with the two products I purchased from the Botanic Panic collection. I picked up the Extra Dimension Skin Finish in Fleur Sure, which is definitely a highlighter even though it comes in a smaller compact (the blush sized compact). I don’t mind though, since you almost never use up an entire highlighter. I also had to get one of the lipsticks and I chose the purple shade called Forget-Me-Naughty.

In the summer sale I picked up a back up of the Cherry Blossom scented Fix+ (this one is from the 2021 Black Cherry spring collection). I also picked up two Powder Kiss lipsticks and a Love Me lipstick.

The Powder Kiss lipsticks are in the shades Ripened and P For Potent.

And the Love Me lipstick is in the shade DGAF.

These last three products were free gifts with purchase. I can already say that I love the Magic Extension mascara, but I’ll be doing a first impressions post on it as well at some point.

I also got the Black Cherry Glow Play lip balm in Pinking of You. The Glow Play lip balms are very nice if you like coloured balms.

And the last gift I got with my order was the Lip Scrubtious in Candied Nectar. It smells delicious, and I really like the consistency as well.

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