Revolution x Bratz

I loved Bratz dolls growing up, so the Revolution x Bratz collection is so nostalgic to me and I just had to get a handful of products from the collection. The pictures on the products are from the first collection of Bratz dolls, which released in 2001.

I decided to pick up the Forever Flawless Limitless palette, which is the big palette with all four of the original Bratz girls on it. This is such a fun and colourful palette, and I love the packaging.

I also picked up two out of the four smaller palettes. I picked up the Cloe eyeshadow palette and the Jade eyeshadow palette.

This is what the Cloe palette looks like. My very first Bratz doll was the Cloe doll from the very first collection of Bratz dolls, so I just had to have this palette.

I also had a Jade doll (though one from one of the later collections of dolls), so I decided to pick up the Jade palette as well. I really liked the colour story of this palette as well.

Then I also purchased the kohl liner set, which contains four pastel coloured liners; one for each of the four main girls.

And lastly, I bought the Maxi Plump lipgloss and the Lip Crayon both in the shade Cloe. They’re both very pretty nude shades.

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