Beauty Bay haul – lots of palettes

I have a Beauty Bay haul to share with you today, and it’s all palettes (mostly from BH Cosmetics) + one highlighter.

I love BH Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes, and the travel palettes are some of my favourites from the brand. These two palettes were new when I purchased them in June (!), and they are both beautiful. The top one is the Party in Puerto Rico palette, which is a lovely warm toned palette, and the bottom one is the Passion in Paris palette, which is a stunning blue/purple/burgundy palette, and it’s my favourite one of the two.

I have more travel palettes to share with you. I think these might have been re-packaged since I bought them. Maybe that’s why I was able to get these on sale. The top one is the Summer in St Tropez palette, which is a very fun, colourful and summery palette, and the bottom one is the Beautiful in Barcelona palette, which is a neutral palette with pops of blue.

Okay, this is the last travel palette in this haul. This is the Chillin’ in Chicago palette, which is now re-packaged and called Amore in Amalfi. I got this palette on sale too, so I’m not mad about having the old version.

I purchased one more BH Cosmetics palette. This is the Lookin’ Like A Snack palette from the Say It collection (I’ve also got the Do Not Disturb palette from that collection), and it has such a pretty colour story.

The last palette in this haul is the Wet n Wild Ice Cream Bee palette, which I also got on sale. I just thought this palette looked cute, and I have created a pretty look with it.

The very last product in this haul is the BY BEAUTY BAY Pride powder highlighter in Parade. The powder goes from blue to pink to gold, and it’s just such a fun highlighter that still looks pretty on the skin.

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