KimChi Chic beauty haul (heart shaped compacts)

I have a KimChi Chic beauty haul to share with you today. These are the first (and so far only) products I’ve purchased from this brand (I purchased them on Beauty Bay), and I think the packaging of these compacts is so cute.

Let’s start with contour and bronzer. I got the Thailor Contour in 01 Tawny, which contains a contour shade and a highlight shade. I also got the Thailor Bronzer in 01 I Went to Malibu, which is a warm, matte shade, and the lightest shade as far as I know. I haven’t used these products a ton yet, but the times I’ve used them, I’ve liked them.

I purchased two of the blush duos. They’re called the Thailor Blushes, and I picked up the shades 02 Mercedes R and 06 Vacation. 02 Mercedes R are two more neutral shades, whereas 06 Vacation are two super bright and fun shades, as you can see. All four shades are really pretty.

Lastly, I got purchased two highlighters. The highlighter in the lilac packaging is the Thailor Get Glow highlighter in 03 Hollywood Glow (it comes in multiple different shades), and the other one is the Pearl Gone Wild highlighter in 01 Hope, which I’m pretty sure only comes in that one shade. Both are very pretty and intense.

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