First impressions: Essence Skin Lovin’ Sensitive line

It’s time for another first impressions post, but this time it’s a bit different, because I tested and wrote down my first impressions of three products at once instead of just one. The reason I did this is because I tried out the whole Essence Skin Lovin’ Sensitive line, which consists of a primer, a concealer, and a mineral powder.

The primer: It has a thick and creamy texture, and it applies very nicely. It doesn’t smell of much, which I like, and it feels nice on the skin – smooth and not sticky. My foundation applied very nicely on top of the primer (I wore Maybelline Fit Me foundation).

The concealer: It has a flat doe foot applicator (it’s flat on both sides). The texture is thin and liquidy, and it feels very light on the skin. The product claims to have buildable coverage, medium to high, but I would say that it’s more light to medium coverage. It’s not the best concealer for covering spots due to the lighter coverage, but it’s not terrible. The concealer applied and blended out nicely underneath the eyes though, and it looks quite natural.

The powder: I used the powder to set both my undereyes and my entire face. Even though it might not look like it in the pan, the powder is actually translucent, so everyone should be able to use it. It feels nice and smooth, and it’s definitely mattifying just as it claims to be, however it still feels light on the skin.

Final thoughts: My undereye area had not creased, and my skin still looked pretty matte throughout most of the day. I removed my make-up after about 11 hours of wear, and my skin was a little shiny at that time, but nothing too bad. All products were very easy to remove with micellar water. Overall, I like all three products. None of them wowed me, but I’ll definitely continue to use them. And you can’t beat the affordable price.

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