Small Beauty Bay haul (mid-march)

I have a small Beauty Bay haul to share with you today. These are products I purchased in mid-March. I purchased two eyeshadow palettes (they were both on sale), a blush palette, and a highlighter. I also got a free gift with purchase, which I’ll show at the end of the haul.

I picked up my first Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palette. I’ve heard good things about these palettes for so many years now, so when Beauty Bay had a nice offer on ABH products, I deciced to pick up the Norvina palette. I’ve purchased so much make-up i 2021, so I’ve actually only used this palette once so far, but the look I did turned out very pretty, and I’m excited to create some more looks with this palette soon (hopefully).

The other eyeshadow palette I purchased is the Sigma Beauty Untamed palette. I’d also heard great things about the Sigma Beauty shadow formula, and so far I’m pretty impressed. However, I’ve also only done one look with this palette so far, but I’m looking forward to be using it again.

I’d been wanting to try the BH Cosmetics blushers for a while, so I decided to pick up the BH Cosmetics Truffle Blush palette in Chocolate Cherry, since it has a good variety of shades. I’ve used the two shades on the left side of the palette so far, and they were very pigmented, but they blend out nicely.

The last item I paid for myself is the NABLA Skin Glazing in the shade Ozone. It’s a beautiful highlighter, and I really need to wear it again soon!

The free gift I received with this haul was the Sample Beauty The Painter’s palette. It’s an almost all matte palette except for three metallic shades in shades of metals (gold, silver, and copper). As you can see this palette comes with pretty much all the matte shades you could need to create any type of eye look. When I tried this palette, I did create a look using only matte shades and only this palette just to see if it could be done, and it definitely can, but I think that I would probably more often bring in a second palette to pair with this one to add some shimmers that are not gold, silver, or copper.

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