Feelunique haul: Mainly Natasha Denona

In my 5 favourites post from April, one of my favourites was Natasha Denona as a brand, and I mentioned that I would include many ND products in future hauls. You’ve already seen some of them, but this haul is all Natasha Denona products apart from one product. Let’s get in to it.

Shortly after I started getting in to Natasha Denona products (and especially palettes), she announced the Circo Loco palette, and as you can see, it’s right up my alley. It’s such a fun and colourful palette, and I just had to have it. I did get a discount on it, which was nice, because this is one of her bigger and more expensive palettes. But just look at it. It’s so beautiful!

The Sunrise palette was actually the first medium sized palette I purchased from Natasha Denona, even though I’ve already hauled the Love palette. It’s such a stunning warm-toned palette, and I’ve loved the looks I’ve created with it so far. I got it on sale btw.

At the same time as I purchased the Sunrise palette, I also purchased these three mini palettes; the Mini Nude, the Mini Love, and the Mini Tropic. I got the Mini Nude and the Mini Tropic on sale.

The Mini Nude palette is, as the name suggests, a nude palette. What I love about these mini palettes is that you can create a beautiful and cohesive look using just those five colours + they’re super travel friendly as well.

The Mini Love is just the most stunning little purple/pink palette. None of the shades are repeats from the Love palette, but they obviously go with the colour scheme of the Love palette, which is great.

The Mini Tropic palette is a mini version of the limited edition Tropic palette. I’m pretty sure this mini version is limited edition too, but you can still get it on Feelunique. The mini version includes the same five shades that make out the bottom row in the Tropic palette, and they’re definitely the five most exciting shades in the Tropic palette if you ask me, so I’m glad that I got the mini version.

The last ND in this haul are these three single eyeshadows that I got as a free gift with purchase. The red shade is Phlox from the Sunrise palette, the matte brown shade is Zand from the Camel palette, and the neutral metallic shade is Moonstone from the Eyeshadow Palette 5 #4.

The last product that I wanted to include in this haul, because I bought it together with the rest of these products (apart from the Circo Loco palette) is the e.l.f. Glow Gleam Beam highlighter palette in Light. It has six highligher shades in three different formulas/finishes. I’ve used many of the shades, and they’re very pretty.

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