MAC Black Cherry

Once again MAC’s main spring collection is themed around cherry blossoms and to be honest I really don’t mind. I mean, just look how pretty the packaging is! As you can see, I purchased four products from the collection, so let’s talk about them.

For the last three years now MAC has included a cherry blossom scented Fix+ in their spring collections. Some people might find that boring, but I’ve purchased it every single year, because it’s my favourite Fix+ scent. I’ve used up the one from two years ago, and I’m using the one from last year now, so this one I’ll save as a back up.

If there’s a product that MAC should include more in their limited edition collections it’s blush. This is an Extra Dimension blush in the shade Look, Don’t Touch!, and it’s a beautiful coral pink shade.

Of course I purchased one of the classic bullet lipsticks from this collection. This is a matte lipstick in the shade Moody Bloom, and it’s a beautiful deep, classic red.

I also bought one of the new Glow Play Lip Balms. It’s in the shade Blossoms or Bust. MAC also released some permanent shades of these coloured lip balms.

When I made this order, I also received two free make-up brushes, which was so nice, since MAC brushes aren’t cheap. They’re both eye brushes and more specifically the 239S Eye Shader and the 219S Pencil.

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