First impressions: Essence Camouflage+ Healthy Glow concealer

About 1,5 years ago I did a first impressions post on the Essence Camouflage+ matte concealer, and I wasn’t a fan of that one. However, I thought I would try out the Healthy Glow version to see if I liked it better, so here are my first impressions.

I’m wearing primer and foundation underneath, and then applied the concealer, because that’s how I would wear concealer. It is not the best concealer for covering up spots. It has a quite liquidy texture, so it blends away very quickly when you use to cover up spots, so I won’t use it for that purpose again. It looks nice underneath the eyes though; it feels hydrating and I would say that it has medium coverage. I did set my undereyes with powder, because I always do that, and the concealer looks smooth in the undereye area. I wore the concealer for about 8 hours and my undereyes still looked nice and smooth at the end of the day. This is not my favourite concealer ever, and I would not recommend it for spot concealing, but it’s a nice, lightweight undereye concealer, and it’s very affordable too.

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