MAC Moon Masterpiece

Chinese New Year was just over a month ago, and MAC has created another beautiful limited edition collection in celebration of the holiday. This year’s collection is called Moon Masterpiece, and I purchased three products from the collection.

I don’t think MAC releases enough blushes in their limited edition collections, but when they do, they’re usually super pretty. This is the powder blush duo in Good Health, Great Wealth which consists of two permanent shades; Melba (top shade) and Modern Mandarin (bottom shade). I didn’t have either of those shades in my collection already, so I think it’s nice to have them in this limited edition packaging.

Last year’s Lunar New Year collection from MAC contained the most stunning Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Double Gleam with a dragon design that quickly became one of my favourite highlighters (Double Gleam is a permanent shade btw). This year they did an equally stunning Extra Dimension Skinfinish with a fish design. It’s also the Double Gleam shade, so I’m going to keep this one untouched. I usually buy make-up to use it, but this was just too beautiful to pass on even though I already have the shade in my collection!

The last product I bought was of course a lipstick, and the lipsticks in this collection are the Powder Kiss lipstick formula that I’ve been loving lately. I picked up the shade Turn Up Your Luck which is a beautiful bright red, which is right up my alley.

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