Collective Beauty Bay haul

It’s time for a collective Beauty Bay haul. Some of these products you have already seen me wear, because I just couldn’t wait, but I still thought they needed to be featured in this haul. I have a bit of everything to show you, so let’s get started.

Let’s start with a couple of palettes, both from By Beauty Bay which is a brand, I hadn’t tried before, even though I shop a lot on the Beauty Bay website. This is the NikkieTutorials x Beautybay pressed pigment palette, which has a very fun and interesting colour story. I’ve only used a few of the shades so far, so I haven’t formed a proper opinion about this palette yet, but I’m really excited to play with it some more. As you can see the shade Vla arrived broken, but luckily it’s not a kind of shade that I use often, and I have that kind of shade in other palettes as well.

This is another By Beauty Bay palette, and so far I’m very impressed by the quality of these shadows. It’s the Book of Magic palette, and this colour scheme is right up my alley. I love purple and blue eyeshadows, so I was obviously very intrigued by the look of this palette. I’ve already done two full looks using this palette (se here and here), and I love how they turned out. I haven’t tried any of the purple shades yet, but those are some of the shades that I’m most excited to play with.

And sticking with purple and By Beauty Bay, I’ve also purchased one of their Liquid Crystal eyeshadows in the shade Amethyst. I have actually worn this, but I haven’t posted the look yet, but I can tell you that this liquid eyeshadow is absolutely stunning.

To finish the eye make-up part of this haul, I’ve purchased two of one of my favourite mascaras; the Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies mascara. Maybelline is new to Beauty Bay, and this mascara is pretty difficult to get a hold of, so I was really excited to find them on Beauty Bay.

Now let’s move on to lip products. I saw these NYX Diamond & Ice lip toppers and just thought that they looked so pretty. These are the shades That’s Fire and Power Trip, and they’re both beautiful, glittery, duochrome shades.

Then I got a few items from the Revolution Precious Glamour collection. They’re just so pretty and sparkly. Just take a look at this Bling Bomb lip gloss in the shade Opulent Light Beam. So pretty!

This is the Butterfly lipstick in the shade Extra Fancy from the same collection. I love the butterfly details.

The last item I got from the Revolution Precious Glamour collection is the Illuminator in the shade Million Dollars. How cute is the packaging!?

The second to last item in this haul is a product that I’ve heard many good things about. It’s the Milani Silky Matte Bronzing powder. I got the shade Sun Light, and it’s a pretty cool toned bronzer. I have only worn it a couple of times so far, and I need to wear it some more, because I have a feeling that I’m going to love this bronzer.

And now on to the last item in this haul. I’ve been really curious about those face rollers, so I thought getting this set would be a nice way to try one out and also get a few more items. This is the Brushworks Rose Quartz Roller Spa set and it comes with a roller, a Gua Sha, and a Konjac sponge. I haven’t had much time to try these items out yet, but hopefully I will soon.

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