Another collective Zalando haul

It’s time for a collective Zalando haul. I’ve purchased most of these items a month or two ago, so it’s about time that I get to post this haul.

This fleece cardigan/jacket from Monki is incredibly soft and I of course love the colours (remember my obsession with everything purple).

This purple corduroy shirt is also from Monki, and it’s the same colour as my purple corduroy trousers, and I have actually already worn them together.

The last clothing piece from Monki in this haul is this dusty green short sleeve blazer. I have also worn this, and it’s such a fun piece and great for layering.

Moving on to Bershka and a bunch of Disney pieces. Most of them have Mickey Mouse prints, but I also got this Disney princess oversized sweatshirt, which is super comfy.

This jumper (also from Bershka) is just so cute, and I had to have it. I have already worn it, and I wore it with the jeans below.

These wide leg jeans are just great. They are really long, which looks great when paired with heels, but they also work with sneakers when cuffed. They’re from Bershka as well.

And now on to a few accessories. This Mickey Mouse belt bag is from PULL&BEAR and it’s so cute and appears very roomy as well. And that was the last Disney piece.

I had a zebra print bucket hat as a child that I loved, so I’ve been wanting a zebra print bucket hat to fit my adult head. This one is from Bershka, and I’m really excited to style it.

And now, shoes. I’ve been wanting a pair of chunky black shoes and was happy to find these ones from Bershka. I’ve worn them a couple of times, but sadly I’ve gotten hand sanitizer on them, and it won’t come of. Any advice on how to remove hand sanitizer from shoes?

Here’s another pair of black chunky shoes but in boot form. These are from PULL&BEAR, and they’re just a great stable to have in your wardrobe.

Last, but not least, I have purchased these awesome two toned knee high boots from Monki. I initially purchased them on Monki’s website, but they were sold out or something, so I was happy to see them on Zalando and purchased them immediately.

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