Essence Bloom Baby, Bloom! collection


About 1,5 months ago I stumpled apon a new limited edition collection from Essence. Essence always makes the cutest limited edition collections and the Bloom Baby, Bloom! collection is no exception. I picked up the eyeshadow palette, the primer oil, the two baked highlighters, and the blushlighter.


I was very intrigued by the colour story of this eyeshadow palette. I’ve only used it once so far, and I wasn’t impressed. Essence eyeshadows varies a lot in pigmentation and quality, and the three shades I’ve used from this palette (the coral, the light peach and the light yellow) were not great. The light yellow and light peach were pretty much invisible, and the coral was just okay. I’m hoping that some of the other shades are better.


The collection includes this Healthy Glow Primer Oil (01 Violet in Bloom). It contains rice oil and vitamin E, and it’s supposed to be caring and skin conditioning. I’ve used it a few times, and so far I like it. It smells really good too.


The products that initially caught my eye were the baked highlighters. They come in two shades; 01 Daisy Me Glowing and 02 Rose & Shine! They are very glittery and shiny. I’ve only worn the light shade (02 Rose & Shine!) so far, which has a really pretty pink duochrome shift to it.


The last product I purchased from the collection is the blushlighter in the shade 01 I Lilac You! I’ve been seeing these blushlighter type products different places lately, and I think it’s an interesting idea. I’ve worn this product once so far, and I actually thought it looked really pretty, so I’m excited to wear it again.


This very last product was not a part of the Bloom Baby, Bloom! collection, but since it’s from Essence I thought I would feature it in this haul. I love Essence blushes; they are some of my favourites. I already have one of the The Blush blushes, which I love, so I thought I would get the other available shade in 20 Bespoke. It’s quite an interesting blush shade since it’s a very bronzy colour, and I thought it would be a perfect addition to my blush collection.

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