Collective haul

Here’s a few different items I’ve collected over the past month or so.

Lyserød regnfrakke - VRS

How cute is this baby pink raincoat! I found it on sale at my local supermarket, and thought it would be a nice addition to my spring coat collection.

Sort bøllehat - H&M

I’ve been wanting to try out the bucket hat trend for a while, and I’ve finally purchased one. This is just a plain black one from H&M.

Hot pink bredt taljebælte - H&M

I love pink, and pink is really trendy right now. So are belts, and this big, pink waist belt from H&M really spoke to me.

Pastelfarvede strømper

Pastel socks from H&M. A no brainer purchase for me.

Pink velour pumps m. perler og trekantet hæl - Asos

In this haul, I wrote about my obsession with Amina Muaddi shoes and especially her characteristic heel design. Asos came through again with another great dupe in these pink velvet beauties. Maybe I should just wear these around my apartment, now that I have nowhere to go.

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