Huge second hand haul: accessories

Here’s the second part of my second hand haul; the accessories.

Rød hat - second handMørkegrå beret - second hand

I’ve bought two hats. I think the red wide brim hat is so pretty, and even though I don’t wear wide brim hats that often, I couldn’t leave this one behind. I also bought another beret. This one is in a dark grey colour.

Sort, hvid og brun Roma print tørklæde - second handOrange, brun, hvid, rød og grønt tørklæde m. tigerprint og blomster - second hand

I’ve added a few more scarfs to my collection as well. The first one has buildings or sites from Rome on it, and the second one is in a tiger print with flowers on top. They are both really pretty, and I’m excited to wear these.

Rødt smalt bælte - second handLyserødt bælte m. sølv og guld spænde - second hand

Lastly, I’ve bought two belts. The red one is made of real leather, and it had never been worn. The pink one is just really pretty; I love the mix of gold and silver on the buckle.

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