First Fenty Beauty haul


The Danish Sephora website is having a winter sale these days, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to finally try out Fenty Beauty. I picked up one of the Killawatt Freestyle highlighters and two of the Mattemoiselle lipsticks.


I decided to go with palest highlighter duo, and it’s in the shades Lightning Dust and Fire Crystal. Both shades are really pigmented, but as you can probably see, Fire Crystal is more intense and glittery compared to Lightning Dust. I’ve only worn each shade once so far, but they’re super pretty and I really like them. I really like the packaging too.


I’ve been wanting to try this particular shade ever since the Mattemoiselle lipsticks launched, and it wasn’t on sale (the other shade was), but I decided that it was finally time to get it. The shade is called Saw-C and it’s such a fun, bright orange. It appears to have more yellow in it than my other orange lipsticks which is why I was drawn to this colour.


I also purchased the shade Spanked which is a more neutral colour, and now that I’m really into wearing colourful eyeshadow at the moment, I thought I would add another neutral lipstick to my collection to go with those colourful looks.

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