Collective haul: clothes

It’s time for the second part of my collective haul; these are some clothes I’ve bought recently.

Beige baggy bukser m. lynlåse - second hand

As you might have noticed, I love second hand shopping. I love the fact that you never know what you’re going to find, and due to the inexpensive prices, you can try out a lot of different styles without breaking the bank. One of my most recent second hand purchases is this pair of trousers. They are very different from anything I own, but I thought they would be fun to style. I’ll be posting an outfit featuring them soon.

Mørkegrå lang blazer m. beige striber - second hand

When I’m second hand shopping, I’m always looking for blazers. In the store where I also found the trousers, I found this long pinstriped blazer. I love the dark grey colour with the camel pinstripes, and it has shoulder pads which is always a plus.

Bordeaux, sort og hvid stribet T-shirt m. glimmer - MonkiBrun og lyseblå stribet T-shirt m. glimmer - Monki

I’m obsessed with stripy T-shirts, and I couldn’t resist these two from Monki. They both have glitter (how great is that!), and I love the colour schemes. The second T-shirt with the brown and blue stripes will be a perfect match for a pair of trousers that I’ll feature in my next haul.

Monki strømper (regnbue, grøn, bordeaux)

Lastly, I bought some fun socks. I love colourful, fun socks, and Monki has some of the best ones. I couldn’t leave behind the rainbow glitter ones, and I love the plain coloured ones as well.

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