Sale lipsticks

I recently found some Urban Decay and MAC lipsticks (+ lip pencil) on sale, and I couldn’t resist purchasing a few.


The Urban Decay lipsticks I bought are the ones made in collaboration with Youtuber Kristen Leanne. I got all three shades and they’re called (from left to right) Bun Bun, Cloud9, and Spellbound. Bun Bun and Cloud9 are in the comfort matte finish from Urban Decay’s Vice lipstick range, and Spellbound is a mega matte lipstick. I love the matte lipsticks from Urban Decay and I love these shades.


The three lipsticks I got from MAC are (from left to right) Lightly Charred (light purply grey), Gwendolyn (deep grey), and Red Rock (bright red). I actually got Red Rock as a free gift with a MAC order, but I thought I would feature it in this post anyways, because it’s such a pretty red shade. They’re all matte formulas by the way. I also bought a lip pencil in the shade Fruit Cocktail, which is a peachy nude shade.

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