Another Bershka haul

I was quite impressed with my first Bershka haul, so it’s time for another one.

Sort T-shirt m. multifarvet Disney print - BershkaRød, navy, grøn og gul colourblock T-shirt - Bershka

Bershka has some really cute T-shirts! I obviously couldn’t resist the Disney one, and I love the colour block one, which is in the same style as the two stripy T-shirts, I featured in my first haul.

Lilla MTV sweatshirt - Bershka

I love everything about this sweatshirt! It’s purple, which is my favourite colour, the MTV print gives it a retro vibe, and the fit is perfect.

Orange og lilla mønstret assymmetrisk midi nederdel - BershkaSort og hvid gingham midi nederdel m. knapper - Bershka

I bought two more skirts to wear in the hot summer (which seems to have gone away for now). The orange and purple patterned one is in the same style as the polka dot one that I love, and I still love gingham, so I picked up a cute gingham skirt as well.

Lilla, fuchsia, teal og hvide chunky sneakers - Bershka

Lastly, I bought some chunky sneakers. I loved the colour combination on these sneakers, and I think they’ll look great paired with several of the other items from this haul.

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