Collective second hand haul: clothes

It’s time for another second hand haul. I’ve been finding a lot of great pieces lately; these are the clothes I’ve bought, and some other day I’ll make a post about the accessories.

Sort og hvid gingham kortærmet skjorte - second handLeopardmønstret strop top - second hand

First off, I’ve found two really cute and summery tops. I’m still loving gingham, and I think this top will look great tucked into something highwaist or tied in a knot in the front. The leopard print cami is just a nice little top great for hot summer days (or nights).

Blå denimjakke (blazer) - second hand

I found this blazer style denim jacket the last time I went second hand shopping, and at first I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not, but I decided to try it on, and I ended up getting it. It’s something a bit different, and I think it’ll be fun to style.

Hvid nederdel m. knapper og bælte - second handNude midi nederdel m. flæser - second hand

I found two summer skirts. I’ve already worn the white skirt several times, and I love the belt and button details. I’m a bit unsure about the nude colour of the second skirt, but I loved the style so much that I decided to give it try.

Denimkjole m. lange ærmer og knapper - second handNavy kjole m. hvid mønster og knapper - second hand

Lastly, I bought two dresses. I’ve been wanting a denim dress for a while, and even though this one is probably more of a autumn/winter dress due to the long sleeves, I couldn’t leave it behind. And how cute is the second dress! I love the collar and buttons, and it has pockets which is always a plus.

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