Huge H&M haul – accessories

This is the second part of my huge H&M haul; the accessories.

Hvide smalle cat-eye solbrillerSorte ovale solbriller

I bought two pairs of sunglasses. The white cat-eye ones are very trendy right now, and I see why. I love the retro look to them, and they’re such a statement. The rounded black ones also have a retro feel to them, and I love the shape.

Pink sock boots m. kitten heel - H&M

I’ve always wanted a pair of hot pink shoes, and these sock boots give me total ’80s vibes. I wanted to wear them with this outfit, but it was raining that night, and I don’t think these boots are great in rainy weather.

Fishnet strømper m. hjerter

I’m still loving fishnet socks, and how cute are these ones with little love hearts on them.

Pink hue

Finally, I got this hot pink hat (which would look great paired with the hot pink sock boots), and even though it’s way to hot to wear a hat like this one right now, I’m looking forward to wear it next winter.

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