Huge second hand haul pt. 1

I did quite a bit of second hand shopping last month; so much so that I decided to split the haul up into two parts. Pt. 1 is all tops, and pt. 2 is going to be bottoms and accessories (and one blazer because it is a part of a set).

Grøn rullekrave T-shirt - second handKoksgrå rullekrave trøje - second handLilla rullekrave trøje - second hand

One of the things, I always look for when I’m second hand shopping is roll neck tops. I thought the lime green roll neck T-shirt was fun and colourful, and I have so many ideas of how to style it. I found two thin knit roll neck tops; a dark grey and a bright purple. These are just great staples to have in my wardrobe.

Lilla sweater m. knapper - second handSort og hvid strikcardigan m. julebamser - second hand

Even though it’s March, it’s snowing in Denmark, and it’s cold too, so I also got a couple of jumpers. I got another purple one, and I love adding more purple to my wardrobe, since it is my favourite colour. And then my sister found the adorable Christmas jumper for me, and I’m looking forward to wearing it next Christmas.

Rød jakke m. guld detaljer - second handSort blazer - second hand

Another of my favourite things to look for in second hand stores is jackets. As you probably know by now, I’m obsessed with the colour red, and I couldn’t leave the red jacket behind. I also found an amazing black blazer with shoulder pads, and it fits so well. Stay tuned for pt. 2 of my second hand haul.

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