Second hand goodies

Belsac taske (second hand)Multifarvet mønstret skjorte - second handBordeaux T-shirt m. hjerter - second handBrun langærmet kjole m. prikker - second hand

As I mentioned a few days ago, I did some second hand shopping in July, and these are the pieces I found. I bought the bag in the beginning of July (so not on the day of second hand shopping), and I just really liked the colour and shape of it. The three pieces of clothing I did buy on my second hand shopping trip with my family. I’m loving the print on the shirt, and it’s the kind of item I love finding at a second hand store, because you just know it wasn’t made within the last 20 years. It has shoulder pads, and I think I’m going to keep them (at least for know). The top is from an existing Danish brand named Kaffe (which means coffee in Danish), and I just thought it was really cute with the heart print and the fact that it ties in the front. Lastly, the dress! This dress is so nice and ’70s looking (I don’t know when it was made, but it wasn’t recently). I love the big collar and the brown colours, and there’s a tie for the waist to give it some shape. I’m so excited about styling these items.

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