All pink everything

Lyserød velour T-shirt - AsosLyserøde sneakers - BershkaLyserøde sokker

My obsession with everything pink is still going strong, so a little while ago I bought these pink items on Asos. I couldn’t resist the T-shirt; it’s pink and it’s velvet (another obsession of mine). It’s a bit cropped and so cute. I’ve been wanting a pair of pink sneakers for such a long time, and now I finally got some. They’re from Bershka and I love the baby pink colour. Lastly, I bought some socks. I really like fun and cute socks, and I think they can add some quirkiness to an outfit. I been wanting to try out the fishnet trend, but instead of getting some black ones, I decided to get some bright pink ones. I wore them last week and I really liked them. The flamingo socks and palm tree socks come as a set, and I think the prints and colours are really pretty.

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