Urban Decay and MAC sale items


A little while ago I found these products on sale, and it’s always exciting when you find brands like MAC and Urban Decay on sale.


I would imagine that these Urban Decay Matte Revolution lipsticks were on sale, because they’ve been discontinued. These were the only colours left, so I decided to get all three (they were really inexpensive). The shades are (from left to right) Bittersweet, Menace, and After Dark. I used to have a bunch of these lipsticks on my wishlist among others Bittersweet and After Dark. I have worn all three shades, and I really like them. They’re really pigmented and long-lasting.


MAC almost never have any products on sale, and I did buy these products through a Danish department store. I don’t know if this eye shadow has been discontinued as well (it probably has), but I managed to get the last one in store. It’s called Goldenrod, it has a satin finish, and it’s beautiful. My next post will be a make-up look where I’ve used this eye shadow.

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