Exciting Velour liquid lipsticks


My latest order of Jeffree Star Velour liquid lipsticks is really exciting. I purchased one of the shades I’ve been wanting since I first discovered Jeffree Star Cosmetics, his first metallic shade, and two shades from his limited edition holiday collection. Redrum was one of the original three Velour liquid lipsticks and I’ve heard several youtubers say that it’s their go-to red lipstick. As you might know by now red is my go-to lip colour, so I’ve been wanting Redrum for so long, and when I finally saw it on Beauty Bay I bought it right away. I’ve worn it a few times and it really is gorgeous; such a good classic red. I love that Jeffree has started making metallic liquid lipsticks as well, and since his first metallic shade released he has come out with two more. But the shade I’ve got is Dreamhouse which is the perfect name for a metallic hot pink lipstick. I wore it New Year’s Eve and it was so cool and festive. Lastly, I had to pick up a couple of his holiday lipsticks. I chose the shades Pumpkin Pie and Crocodile Tears. Pumpkin Pie is a terracotta orange with red/pink and gold shimmer (I think – it’s hard to see the exact colours of the shimmer) and Crocodile Tears is a dark green. I haven’t worn these shades yet, but I’m really excited to play around with them.

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