MAC Star Trek


I’ve never watched Star Trek, but I couldn’t resist these limited edition MAC Star trek products. Of course I purchased one of the lipsticks, and once again I purchased a highlighting product from a limited edition MAC collection.


The highlighter is the Trip the Light Fantastic powder in the shade Luna Luster. I’m quite dissappointed in the quality of the packaging which feels very cheap, but as you can see the product itself is very beautiful and that’s what’s most important. It’s a peachy champagne colour and quite shimmery, but really pretty on the skin.


The lipstick is called Kling-It-On and it has a frost finish. As you can see it’s a very unique shade; it’s described as a deep purple with fine pink glitter. It’s a bit sheer, but you can build it up to some extend. The next time I’m going to wear it I’ll fill in my entire lip with a lip liner and then apply the lipstick on top.

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