MAC Brooke Candy


There are so many awesome MAC collections launching this spring/summer, and here’s what I purchased from the Brooke Candy collection. I don’t really know anything about Brooke Candy, but that doesn’t matter to me as long as the products are nice. First of all the packaging is stunning. That mirrored silver with black and grey paint splatters is gorgeous. Obviously I went for lip products and as you can see I purchased two lipsticks and a lip pencil; all three in limited edition shades. Both lipsticks are matte. The Barbie pink lipstick is called Doo-Wop. I’m wearing it today, and it’s such a fun, bright pop of pink on the lips; perfect for spring and summer. The dark purple lipstick is called Witching Hour. It looked like such a cool colour, and I’m drawn to everything purple so I had to have it. I also got the dark purple lip pencil to go with it, and it’s called Night Crawler. I can’t wait to wear those two products together. They probably won’t be considered that spring/summer appropriate, but I’ll most likely wear them soon anyways.

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