Favourite beauty YouTubers pt. 2

A long time ago I made a post about some of my favourite beauty YouTubers, and I thought it was time to do a part 2.

First of we’ve got Tati also known as GlamLifeGuru. She comes out with new videos almost everyday and they range from tutorials, hot or not videoes, favourites, and videos like the one above where we get to follow her round the drugstore. Her videos are really high quality and her channel is definitely one of my favourites.

Next up we’ve got BeautywithEmilyFox. Emily is a French Canadian girl who shares my love for lipsticks, so obviously I love her lip swatch videos. Her videos also include hauls, favourites and so on.

Jaclyn Hill is probably one of most beauty lovers’ favourites. She’s the queen of highlighting and all of her make-up looks are gorgeous. If you want inspiration for beautiful make-up looks for any occation, check out Jaclyn’s tutorials.

Lastly (at least for now) we’ve got Tara from Tarababyz. She mainly posts haul videos (which I really like watching) and then she has one of the largest make-up ollections I think I’ve ever seen. If you love make-up and you haven’t watched her make-up collection videos, then you’re in for a treat. You can watch the first part above (yes, it’s a two part video).

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