‘Big’ shopping trip

Sorte stretchy skinny jeans - H&MGrå sweatshirt m. multifarvede dinosaurer - H&MMintgrøn sweatshirt m. sorte dinosaurer - H&MSort kimono m. blomster - H&M When I was in high school I usually bought a lot of clothes at one shopping trip, but the past few years my clothes shopping pattern has been more like buying one or two items here and there, but a few weeks back I actually bought four items at once. I unintentionally destoyed my black jeans a while back, so I needed to buy a new pair, and I found a pair of affordable skinny and stretchy ones at H&M, and so far I like them. Several years ago I found a picture online of a sweatshirt with dinosaurs on it, and ever since I’ve been wanting a sweatshirt with a dinosaur print, and as you can see I was lucky enough to find two on my ‘big’ shopping trip. I think both of them are super cute; I’ve worn the mint green one, and I loved it, and I’m looking forward to wear the grey one as well. The last item I bought was the pretty, black kimono in the last picture. It was really affordable, and I think it’ll be great for spring and summer.

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