Comparison: affordable eyelid primers

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I mentioned when I bought the e.l.f. Eyelid Primer that I would do a comparison of it to another affordable eyelid primer, the other eyelid primer being the MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer. Both products are very affordable (the MUA one is £ 2,50 and the e.l.f. one is £1,95). I’ve had the MUA primer for quite a while and I initially didn’t like it and hadn’t used it in a while, so I thought I would compare to the e.l.f. primer. In the two pictures to the left I’m wearing the MUA primer as my base, and in the two pictures to the right I’m wearing the e.l.f. primer as my base. On top I’m wearing my The Body Shop Eye Colour in 07. When I first applied the primers and eye shadow to my eyelids they looked quite similar as you can see in the top pictures, but then after approximately 8 hours you can definitely see a difference. The MUA primer creased and the eye shadow looked uneven whereas the eye shadow on the eye where I used the e.l.f. primer looked pretty much the same as when I first applied the product. After comparing the two, I still don’t like the MUA primer, and I was very impressed by the e.l.f. one + it’s a tiny bit cheaper, so I would definitely go for that one! I got the e.l.f. eyelid primer in the colour Sheer, but it comes in three more colours as well; Pearl, Champagne, and Golden.


I really enjoyed making this type of post, so I might do some more comparisons of products in the future:)

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