H&M MAMA haul

I’m not sure if it’s of any interest, but I still wanted to do a H&M MAMA haul, because most of the clothes I’ve shopped lately has obviously been maternity clothes. I find it hard to find fun maternity clothes, but I do like a lot of these pieces. Let’s begin with dresses, because that’s what I been buying and wearing the most.

As I wrote in my last outfit post, I usually don’t feel comfortable wearing tight, fitted dresses, but I love how they look on pregnant women, so I purchased the white and black striped one that I wore in my last outfit post and a blue one. I’ve loved wearing both of these.

I’m not really into short dresses either, but I have to say that these three have come in handy in this hot weather we’ve been having in Denmark lately.

And then there are the maxi dresses. There seem to be a lot of maxi maternity dresses, but to be honest they do look cute, and they’re comfy too.

Finding maternity tops is quite difficult, but I did get a few. My mum actually got me the pink T-shirt and the mint green halter top. She also got me some of the dresses.

I also picked up a three pack of nursing tops. I’m sure these will be useful once the baby is born.

I decided to not buy to many maternity bottoms. I purchased a pair of cropped mom style jeans, which I’ve worn quite a bit. I’ve also always wanted a pair of overalls for when I got pregnant. I haven’t worn them yet due to the hot weather, but I think I’ll be wearing them a lot towards the very end of my pregnancy. And lastly, I purchased a pair of denim shorts, and I’ve gotten a lot of use out of those.

And then I had to get a bunch of biker shorts to wear underneath all the dresses. As you can see, I purchased three different kinds, and I actually like all of them. It’s nice to have them in different colours and different thicknesses to wear with different dresses.

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