The Body Shop haul (October 2021)

I have a small The Body Shop haul to share with you today. I purchased these product back in October 2021, and to be honest I actually haven’t used any of them yet, because I have so many other products to use up first.

First off, I purchased one of the 2021 holiday gift sets. This is the Kindness & Pears one, and I thought I would like this one, because The Body Shop had a pear scented holiday kit/collection a few years back that I really liked. This set comes with a shower gel, a body butter, a body yogurt (one of my favourite products from The Body Shop), and a hand cream.

I also picked up a shower cream and a hand cream in the Vanilla Pumpkin scent and a Tea Tree All-In-One Stick. I really like the Tea Tree line in generel.

Lastly, I got this Himalayan Charcoal, Chinese Ginseng & Rice, and British Rose Face Mask Kit, which I’m excited to try one day.

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