Colourful collective Monki haul

It’s time for another Monki haul. This is a mix of sale and non sale items, however I don’t remember exactly which items were on sale and which items weren’t, because it’s been a while since I purchased these things. Let’s begin with tops.

First off, jumpers. I love a good colourful jumper, and I think both of these are so fun.

I love a fitted roll neck top, and both of these are great additions to my wardrobe. They’re perfect for retro inspired outfits.

If there’s something Monki does well, it’s funky patterns and fun colour combos. These short sleeve shirts are perfect examples of just that.

The first T-shirt I already own in purple, brown, and two different shades of green, and it’s just a great basic. I know for sure that I purchased the ramen T-shirt on sale, and I just thought it was cute.

I already own this dress in a lime green and white patterned version, and I love that dress, so I had to have it in my favourite colour as well.

I just love a patterned trouser these days, and I love both of these pairs. The first pair matches the second short sleeve shirt above and paired together they make a great outfit. The blue and cream trousers are great for colour blocking.

I own a dress in this pattern, which I love, so I decided to get the skirt version as well, and it’s so cute.

I wasn’t sure that I would be into stirrup leggings, but I so am. These are so fun, and I’ve loved creating outfits with these.

Lastly, I also purchased two pairs of black patterned tights. I just love a fun pair of tights.

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