Christmas clothing and accessories haul

It’s time for my annual Christmas clothing and accessories haul. This year’s haul mainly consists of clothing. Let’s start with H&M.

These first two jumpers are not necessarily christmassy, but they’re definitely wintery with the ski theme. I’m really looking forward to wearing both of these.

Here’s a more classic fairisle style Christmas jumper with the cutest little gingerbread men.

H&M often makes cute Disney printed clothes, and this sweatshirt is no exception. Those were the H&M pieces.

Today, I received a parcel containing this thin, red jumper among other things. It’s from Vero Moda and it’s from Christmas last year, so it has heavily discounted. I really like the embroidered Christmas tree. It’s so pretty and festive.

Let’s move on to a couple of sweater vests. This one is from Asos Design, and even though not all the colours are very Christmassy, the print is.

I am so excited about this matching sweater vest and skirt form Monki. Isn’t is adorable?

I think this is the only Christmas dress that I own. It’s from my local super market, and it’s super cozy.

I purchased both of these T-shirts on sale earlier on this year, but I still hadn’t gotten around to posting the haul they were in, so I thought it was very appropriate to include them in this haul instead. They’re from Christmas last year, and they’re are both from Asos Design.

I thought that I would also include this set PJ set in this haul. These PJs are from a brand called Loungeable, and they are so soft and comfy, which I know, because I’ve been sleeping in them this week.

When I saw this beanie at my local super market, I just couldn’t pass on it. I love the festive print, and it lights up!

I’ve only purchased one pair of Christmas socks this year, because I’ve got so many from previous years. These are also from my local super market.

I wasn’t sure weather to include these in the haul, but then I thought why not. I mean, they’re santa slippers (from Flying Tiger). What’s not to like?

Last, but not least, I’ve bought these adorable Christmas Jibbitz for Crocs. I haven’t hauled them yet, but I’ve actually purchased two pairs of Crocs sandals (so not the orignal Crocs). One of the pairs are very summery, and I’ve been wearing those out on warm days. The other pair I purchased to wear as slippers indoors, and that pair has been decorated with these festive Jibbitz, and I’m obsessed!

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