Monki sale haul

It’s time for a series of post Christmas/January sale hauls, and we’re starting off with a Monki haul.

One of the many things I miss about going physically to work, or anywhere else for that matter, is wearing all my shoes and wearing all my different coats. The only time I leave my apartment these days is to go for a walk or to go grocery shopping. And then I just wear boots and one out of a few different warm coats (because it’s freezing these days). However, it didn’t stop me from buying more coats (and shoes). I mean, how cute is this little puff sleeve grey woll coat!

And how pretty is the periwinkle, floral, satin shirt! I love the colour and the collar:) I already have several styling ideas in mind for this beauty.

I don’t buy a lot of basics, but I actually really like these solid coloured T-shirts from Monki. I have a purple and an olive green and know also a dark brown one. I love the fit, and they’re super soft.

This dress you’ve already seen me wear, because I wore it on New Year’s Eve. It might not look like it in this picture, but it’s a really flattering dress, and I needed to feel and look good on the last night of 2020.

I already have a roll neck top in this pattern, and I have this style of skirt in two other patterns, so of course I had to have this skirt. I’m definitely going to style it with the matching top.

I love a midi skirt, and I just loved the colours of this checked, satin number. I’ve already worn it twice, so stayed tuned for upcoming outfit posts featuring this skirt.

Last, but not least, I’ve purchased a pair of velvet flares, and I love them. I’ve also worn these several times already, and they’re so comfy, and I’ve had so much fun styling them.

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