Annual Christmas clothing/accessories haul pt. 1

It’s that time of year again. Time for my annual Christmas clothing/accessories haul, and it’s a two-part haul this year. This part is going to be all about the clothes; jumpers, T-shirts etc. Part two is going to be socks, tights, jewellery, and hair accessories. Let’s get to it.

The one type of Christmas jumper which was definitely missing from my rather extensive collection was one with lights. This one is from a Danish brand called Julesweaters (which translates to Christmas sweaters), and I’ve had my eye on this one for a couple of Christmases now I think. It has lights in four of the baubles, and they light up when you hit them. I’m going to feel and look like a Christmas tree when I wear this.

Christmas and Disney are two of my favourite things, and when I saw this on shopDisney, I just knew I had to have it. It has pompoms, a bell and sequins. What’s not to like.

The men’s department of H&M always makes great Christmas jumpers. I mean, just look at these two. They feature two more of my favourite things; Coca Cola and dinosaurs.

And sticking with dinosaurs and men’s jumpers. How great is this one from Asos!

And now on to a couple of red ones both purchased at supermarkets. I really liked the blue details on the first one with the reindeer, and I think the gingerbread men and women on the second one are so cute.

Here are two that you’ve already seen, because I wore these in my last two outfit posts (check them out here and here). Both are from H&M.

I’m so excited to wear this matching sweatshirt and leggings set from Monki. I think it’s going to be so cute and cozy.

And last but not least, the T-shirts. The one with the sloth and the one with the gingerbread men are both from Monki and both adorable. The Love Actually one is from H&M (I love that film), and the Coca Cola one is from my local supermarket.

I cannot wait to wear all of these pieces!

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