Monki summer sale haul

In the end of June I actually popped in to a physical Monki store (I usually shop online) and found the following items in their summer sale.

I’ve never been that into jumpsuits, but I really liked this navy one. I like the collar, sleeves and bottons and the fact that it ties at the waist. I also like the wide legs, and I’m really excited about styling this for autumn.

How cute is the matching floral set! I love botton up blouses and the fit of the skirt is perfect. It even has pockets! And the print is stunning of course.

I was a bit unsure about these wide leg flowy trousers, but I thought they would be great to just throw on on chilly summer days. I actually already own a botton up blouse/shirt in the same print, but the colours have faded on that one after being washed, so I won’t be wearing the two together.

This is just a cute little off shoulder crop top. Great for hot weather.

The last thing I purchased at Monki wasn’t in the sale, but I had been wanting a sunglasses chain and decided to get this simple silver one, and I’ve been using it ever since I bought it.

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