H&M sale haul + socks and headband

Grøn og hvid slangeprint bikini

I know it’s winter, but why not buy swimwear on sale. This snakeprint bikini is so cute and flattering, and I’m really excited to wear it even though it won’t be for a while.

Hvid T-shirt m. Titanic print - H&M

I can’t say no to a film related T-shirt, and I’ve been wanting a Titanic one for a while.

Gul, sort og cremefarvet mønstret plisséret maxi nederdel - H&M x Richard AllanStøvet grøn midi nederdel m. mønster - H&M x Richard Allan

The Richard Allan collab is probably my favourite H&M collab, so I was really excited to find these two beautiful skirts in the sale. I can’t wait to style them.

Sort og cremefarvet mønstret tørklæde - H&M x Richard Allan

This scarf is also from the Richard Allan collab, and it was also in the sale. I love the pattern and it’s so versatile.

Efterårsfarvede strømper

I love matching my socks to my outfit, so I thought these autumnal ones would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe.

Sort pandebånd

I lost my black headband that was very similar to this one on a bus last year, so I had to get myself a new one.

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