Bershka summer haul

I hadn’t ordered anything from Bershka in a really long time, but I’m really happy with all the summery pieces I got from them last summer, so I decided to check out their website, and I found som really cute pieces.

Sort crop top m. knapper og blomster - Bershka

Isn’t this the cutest little daisy print top, you’ve ever seen! I wore this top yesterday, and I loved the sleeves and the neckline. I can’t wait to wear it again.

Lysegrøn crop top m. blomster - Bershka

Bershka makes a lot of cute, summery crop tops, and this one is no exception.

Sort og hvid gingham crop top - BershkaLyseblå og hvid gingham crop top - Bershka

I thought this gingham top was so cute that I purchased both the black and the blue version.

Sort T-shirt m. Maleficent - BershkaMørkegrå T-shirt m. Simba - BershkaHvid T-shirt m. Mickey, Anders og Fedtmule - Bershka

You probably know by now that I can’t resist clothing with Disney print. I wore the Maleficent T-shirt the other day, and I loved it! The green and purple colours are awesome. The Lion King T-shirt was just too cute to pass, and the white T-shirt with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy was adorable too.

Neongrøn midi nederdel - BershkaHvid midi nederdel m. turkis tie dye print - Bershka

I love midi skirts, so I added these two slip skirts to my midi skirt collection. I think they’re so fun and summery.

Pink midi nederdel m. knapper og slids - Bershka

Lastly, I got this pink linen midi skirt with a side slit. It’s such a flattering skirt, and I can’t wait to style this in a bunch of different ways.

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