Christmas clothing haul

Cremehvid fluffy sweater m. røde pallietter - VRSSort sweatshirt m. Mickey Mouse som julemand - AsosMørkerød sweater m. T-rex som juletræ - H&MLyserød T-shirt m. brune gingerbread men - MonkiDSC_3844DSC_4271DSC_4299

I’m so excited about this years Christmas clothing haul! I wanted to make this post in the end of November, but I was waiting for the T-shirt to arrive, and then I was lucky enough to get a few things on my gift advent calendar that my mum made for me, so I’m glad I waited. The first Christmas jumper I bought was the fluffy, white one. It’s from the supermarket brand VRS, and it says ‘Baby, it’s cold outside’ in red sequins. I haven’t worn it yet, but I have some great styling ideas. The second jumper is from Asos, and when I saw it, I knew I had to have it. It combines two of my favourite things; Disney and Christmas. It’s actually a men’s jumper, so I got it in a size XS. I’m wearing it today, and I love it! The last of the jumpers is also a men’s jumper, but it had my name written all over it. It’s from H&M, and it has a T-rex dressed as a Christmas tree on it; a Tree rex. How genius is that! Oh, and it has bells as well and they jingle when you walk. So festive! As you can see, I also got a Christmas themed T-shirt this year. It’s from Monki, but it is an Asos exclusive. I love the gingerbread men print and the fact that it’s pink; not typically a Christmas colour, but it’s so cute. The three pairs of regular socks are also from Monki. I believe they are from last Christmas, because I bought them on sale in the beginning of October. I’m really looking forward to wear them; especially the ones in the middle with the baubles. And the last two items I got on my gift advent calendar. I got the cute Christmas penguin socks two days ago, and I got the hat yesterday. My mum knows how much I love Christmas, and these items are super cosy. I’ll be posting outfits featuring some of these items very soon, so keep an eye out for that.

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