5 favourites – July

Today is the last day of my summer holidays, which is sad on the one hand, but on the other hand I’m excited to start working on my thesis. The past month was very relaxing compared to the previous months, and it was just what I needed. I’m looking forward to blog more consistently again, but I have to admit that it was nice spending a little less time on the internet. Before we enter the last official month of summer, here’s some of my favourite things from the month of July.


Black culottes: We’ve had varying weather in Denmark this past month and not a lot of really hot days, but these culottes have been great for the warm days. The styling possibilities are endless, and I took pictures of a couple of outfits with these that I’ll be posting at some point.

Lush Honey Kiss lip scrub

Lush Honey Kiss lip scrub: My sister bought me this on a trip to Italy a few months ago, and I really like it. When you wear lipstick on a daily basis like I do, you need to take care of your lips, and a lip scrub is the way to go. There are definitely cheaper alternatives, and you can also make your own lip scrub, but if you want to treat your lips, this is a great option.


Small black shoulder bag: I think I’ve had this bag for a few years now, and it is my go-to party bag. The reason why I’m featuring it in this month’s favourites is because I wore at a graduation party, out clubbing, and at a wedding, which shows how versatile it is.


Cat-eye sunglasses: These has been my go-to sunglasses this past month. Big, cat-eye sunglasses reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, and who doesn’t want to feel even the slightest like Miss Hepburn.

Audrey Style

Audrey Style – Pamela Clarke Keogh: Speaking of Audrey Hepburn, my summer read this year was this lovely book about (as the title suggests) Audrey’s style. Even though it was mainly about her fashion, it connected it to her life story, and it was overall a very enjoyable book.

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