H&M haul part 1

Hvid skjorte - H&MMørkeblå velour sweatshirt - H&MSort bluse m. høj hals og tunge detaljer - H&MGammelrosa bluse m. vide ærmer - H&MSorte højtaljede jeans - H&M

I’ve been shopping quite a bit at H&M lately, both online and in physical stores, and this is going to be part 1 of the haul. I bought the white shirt, because I needed it for a costume (I was Mrs. Mia Wallace at a costume party about a month ago), but I’d thought about getting a white shirt for a long time anyways, and this is a nicely fitted one. I’m still obsessed with velvet, and I couldn’t leave the beautiful, blue jumper behind. The black top and the pink top I bought on sale online. The black top is really nice for layering, and I love the bell sleeves on the pink top (and the colour of course). I also found the skinny, black jeans on sale online, and I thought it would be nice to have a second pair of high waisted black jeans in my wardrobe.

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