Monki (+ H&M) haul


I’ve done quite a bit of clothes shopping lately (I’ve already shown you some Christmas jumpers and party clothes). I didn’t go on one big shopping spree, so I’ll be doing several hauls. All of the items above are from Monki, apart from the pink sweater which is from H&M. Monki is one of my absolute favourite brands, and I really like these pieces. Jeans are something I always forget to buy probably because they’re wardrobe stables, but on this shopping trip a bought a pair of blue high waisted skinny jeans. I’ve been looking at overall skirts before, but I’d never found one that fit properly until I found this Monki one. I’m actually wearing it here with a jumper on top, but I do have a couple of outfits waiting to be posted where you can see the overall part. I’m absolutely loving the two sweaters. They’re a quite similar in style; they both have high necks and are a bit oversize. And they are so comfortable, especially the grey one. I’m also loving the velvet bomber cardigan (that’s what I’ve decided to call it). Velvet is everywhere at the moment, and I really don’t mind.

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