Christmas jumpers!


I’ve gone a bit Christmas jumper crazy this year. I’ve been looking in stores and online for Christmas jumpers for months now, and when they finally arrived I decided to take advantage of it. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m obsessed with Christmas. December is my favourite month and I love everything there has anything to do with Christmas, and I can’t wait to wear these throughout December (I did wear one the other day; there’s a picture of it on my instagram @muchaluchas). The first one is from the brand VRS which is a brand some of the Danish chain supermarkets carry. I love Christmas trees and I thought the pompons were a fun touch. The second one is from New Look which I ordered off Asos. I thought it was super cute and I love the classic Christmas colours of red, green, and white. The last two are both from H&M. The grey one with the santa was a modern twist on the Christmas jumper with the pop culture reference which I think is awesome, and the red one is the same style of sweatshirt I have in so many other colours and prints, and I just thought this one was super festive. Are you going to wear any Christmas jumpers this year?

One more beautybay haul


You might have noticed that I’m quite fond of, and here’s my most recent purchases from the webside.


I was really stoked to find out that Beautybay now carries Milani. The two Milani products I’ve been wanting to try out the most are their powder blushers (also known as the rose blushers) and their baked blush specifically in the shade Luminoso. I think every beauty youtuber has talked about Luminoso at some point or another, so I wanted to see if it’s as good as people say. I haven’t tried it on yet, but I’ve swatched it and it looks gorgeous. For the rose blushers I chose the shade Romantic Rose and it’s the most beautiful pinky nude shade; the kind of blusher that goes with any make-up look. This one I’ve already worn several times, and I love it.


Of course I had to pick up some liquid lipsticks. I have to admit that I’m quite into the metallic lip trend, so I decided to get one of the Milani Amore Mattallics Lip Créme. I chose the shade Raving Matte which is a beautiful purple. I also picked up two more L.A. Splash Lip Couture liquid lipsticks (in my last beautybay haul I promised to make an update post on the L.A. Splash liquid lipsticks and I will very soon); one is a green metallic shade called Rhea which is limited edition as far as I know and the other is in the shade Latte Confession which is a cult favourite and I can see why. It’s such a gorgeous deep nude shade (it’s actually really difficult to describe in detail) and I’ve already worn it twice. The last liquid lipstick I purchased is the Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte in the shade Ruby Slipper. It’s a deep red with red shimmer, and I’m really looking forward to see what it looks like on the lips.


I puchased two more products from Gerard Cosmetics. I’ve been wanting the lipstick in London Fog for so long, and I’m really glad that I finally purchased it. It’s a grey with a purple undertone, and it’s such a cool shade (you can see me wear this and Latte Confession on my instagram @muchaluchas). The lip pencil is in the shade Underground and it’s a cool-toned grey nude. It’s a really nice lip pencil and I’ll probably check out the other colours at some point.


Lastly, I searched the webside for a bright blue pencil eyeliner to go with my blue mascara by NYX, and I found this Full Spectrum eye liner pencil by Makeup Geek in the shade Cobalt. It’s a beautiful shade and it matches my mascara very well. The eyeko felt tip liner was a free gift with purchase.

5 favourites – July

July has come to an end, and it’s been really nice having some time off. I spent the past four weeks with my family, and now I’m back home (and by home I mean my home). It’s been really nice being on summer holiday (though I’m studying at the moment because I have an exam in a few days) and my holiday is not over yet (thank god). Btw, I created an instagram account today which is mainly going to be an extension of the blog. I’m @muchaluchas and there’s a link in my blogroll in the sidebar. But enough about that for now; here’s some of my favourite things from the month of July.


MAC lipstick in Faux: I haven’t worn make-up that often this past month, because I’ve just been staying at my parents summer house, but most of the times I did wear make-up I wore this lipstick. It just the perfect neutral, ‘my lips but better’ shade for me.


Morphe M510 brush: This is the best brush for highlighter I’ve tried so far. It’s fluffy and not too big, so it gives you a very precise application while blending out the product at the same time.


Vintage Style – Sarah Kennedy: As I’ve probably mentioned before, I don’t read much on an everyday basis (other than for my studies), but I usually read a bit in my summer holiday, and this year I’ve been reading this book about vintage style. It has beautiful pictures of vintage style icons and gives you tips on how to get the style, and I’ve really enjoyed reading it.


Big Hero 6 (film): As the huge Disney fan I am, it’s always exciting when I get to watch a Disney film I haven’t watched before. It was actually my mum who raved about this film, and I wasn’t disappointed. This film is great, and I can’t wait to watch it again.


Glass cup with lid and straw: This is a bit of a random favourite. My youngest sister and I got these cups this summer and she made us water with lime (and lemon) and mint several times and it was such a great way of actually drinking water during the day + the cups are super cute.