Ink by Dennis Knudsen


A while ago I bought these 3 products from Ink by Denneis Knudsen. Dennis Knudsen is a well-known Danish hair stylist and make-up artist and I had heard about his products, so when I found them on sale, I thought I’d try some of them out. I bought a nail polish in the colour 07 Bordeaux. I haven’t worn it yet, but I think I’ll be wearing it around Christmas. The eye shadow is in the colour 02 Coral and is a really pretty matte coral shade. I really like it, and I’ll be posting a look wearing it another time. The lipgloss is in the colour 06 Light Brown and is basically a nude. It’s not incredibly pigmented, but it looks very lovely on the lips. It doesn’t feel sticky on the lips, but my hair sticks to it. Other than that I like it. It even has a mirror on the back and lights!

2 thoughts on “Ink by Dennis Knudsen

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