French feelings

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Here’s what I wore Thursday October 2. When I put together this outfit I immediately thought about French style. A black and white striped top, a black skirt and red lips is probably the most stereotypical view on French style which is not necessarily a bad view. I sure loved wearing this outfit; the only thing missing was a cute French beret (I actually had one at some point, but I can’t find it).

(Skirt – New Look, crop top – H&M, tights – Primark, wedges – Vagabond)

Casual Tuesday


Here’s what I wore Tuesday September 30. Last outfit from September (it was about time). I still have so many outfit and make-up pictures just waiting to be posted, so stay tuned:)

(Jeans + sweater + shirt + necklace – H&M, sneakers – Converse)

Rimmel lippies


The day I bought these mascaras I also bought these two Rimmel lippies. I bought another Lasting Finish by Kate matte lipstick. It’s in the colour 107 and it’s gorgeous. It’s just the prettiest deep red lipstick. Very appropriate for autumn and winter. I also bought my first Colour Rush balm and it’s in the colour 600 On Fire. I’ve been wanting to try one out for a while, because I’m a huge fan of these types of products. I’m actually wearing it for the first time today, and I love it. It feels really comfortable on the lips and the colour is so beautiful, so I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on more of these.

Party leopard


Here’s what I wore when my oldest younger sister turned 18 on September 27. It was the first time I wore the dress, even though I had had it lying around for years. Does that mean that I have too many clothes? Anyways, it was a great birthday party, and I loved wearing the dress:)

(Dress – TFNC London, bracelets + earrings – Spinning, heels – Gina Tricot, lipstick – Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate no. 31)

It’s a keeper


Here’s what I wore Thursday September 25. I’m wearing three pieces (denim jacket, dress, and wedges) that I’ve had for a long time, but still absolutely love. I’m one of those people who doesn’t like to throw stuff away, so I keep my clothes for many years:)

(Denim jacket – Pimkie, dress – H&M, tights – Pieces, necklace – Punk Birds, wedges – Monki)