MAC Keepsakes + Heirloom Mix


If you like MAC you have probably already seen a ton of hauls and reviews on this year’s holiday collections, but I thought I would show you what I’ve purchased from the collections anyways. When I went online to check out the collections I decided to get a product from each collection (Keepsakes and Heirloom Mix). The Objects of Affection sets weren’t in store at the time. Later on I bought one more product from the Heirloom Mix collection in one of my local MAC stores.


First I decided to get one of the limited edition holiday eye shadow palettes. I got the Keepsakes Plum Eyes palette, and the colours are beautiful (you can see the names of the colours here). And can we talk about the packaging for a minute. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous; the glitter, the pearls around the edges, and the Victorian style emblem. So pretty!


Of course I had to get my hands on one of the lipsticks from the Heirloom Mix collection, and when I saw there was a hot pink shade, I knew which one I wanted. It’s a limited edition shade, and it’s called No Faux Pas and has a matte finish. This shade is amazing! Because of the matte finish (which looks gorgeous on the lips by the way) it literally lasts all day on the lips. And the packaging of this collection is just as gorgeous as the packaging on the Keepsakes Collection (and Objects of Affection). It reminds me of a starry night.


A few days after I received the package with the two other products I went to check out the rest of the collection (in real life) in one of my local MAC stores. I had regretted not to buy one of the miniralize blushers, and when I swatched this one in store I couldn’t resist. It’s the one called Modest Blush and it’s the most perfect everyday blush shade. It goes with any make-up look, and because it’s a miniralize blusher it has a bit of shimmer in it which is really pretty; not to much at all. I’m really satisfied with these products and I wish I had all the products from the collections:)

4 thoughts on “MAC Keepsakes + Heirloom Mix

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