Free make-up bag


Here’s the free make-up bag with content from Gosh I mentioned in this post. The bag in itself is actually quite nice, and so are some of the products that came with it. The eye shadow is my favourite. It’s the Mono Eye Shade in 02 Rusty and it’s a gorgeous shimmery rusty brown colour; perfect for a one shadow look. My second favourite is the eyeliner which is an eyeliner version of the lipliners; it’s called Velvet Touch eyeliner and is in the colour 001 Blue Moon which is a beautiful, creamy turquoise blue. The bag also contained a Silky Cream Blusher Stick in the colour 001 Tropical Breeze which is a bright shimmery orange. The last product is a Soft’n Shine lip balm in 35 Antique Gold. It’s a shimmery gold tinted lip balm which might sound strange, and I’m probably not going to wear it much, but hey, it was free:) I created a look with all four products that will be posted on the blog some other time.

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